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Jews and Christians in Antiquity. A Regional Perspective

Editeurs : Pierluigi Lanfranchi, Joseph Verheyden
Coll. Interdisciplinary Studies in Ancient Culture and Religion
Louvain, Peeters, 2018

Ce volume rassemble une sélection d’articles issus des colloques "Juifs et Chrétiens dans l’antiquité" qui se sont déroulés en 2013 (Louvain) et en 2014(Aix-en-Provence).

Présentation de l’éditeur Peeters
This volume aims to introduce a different approach to this crucial topic and some new issues following from this. Specialists of Ancient Judaism, Early Christianity, Patristics, Late Antiquity, Rabbinic Studies, Papyrology, Epigraphy, Hagiography, and Gnosticism have focused on such topics as the consequences of the Jewish wars for the relations between Jews and Christians in Palestina, the cultural and religious exchange between the two communities in Alexandria, Smyrna, Syria, the Jewish-Christian polemics in Rabbinic literature, the papyrological and epigraphic evidences of the Jewish and Christian presence in Egypt and Rome, the coexistence of Jews and Christians in Northern Italy, Hispania, North Africa, Gaul, etc. The papers are arranged chronologically (from the 1st to the 7th century CE) as well as geographically (the Eastern and Western part of the Roman Empire). The volume offers both "general surveys" and "case studies", each of them exploring different aspects of Jewish-Christian interaction.

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- Pierluigi Lanfranchi, Pierluigi Lanfranchi, philologue et historien des religions, est maître de conférences à l’université d’Aix-Marseille, rattaché à l’unité TDMAM (CNRS, AMU).

- Joseph Verheydenest professeur à l’université de Louvain (Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies).


- Marie-Françoise Baslez
- Christian Boudignon
- Willy Clarysse
- Sabine Fialon
- Pierluigi Lanfranchi
- Simon C. Mimouni
- Thierry Murcia
- Ron Naiweld
- David Noy
- Marco Rizzi
- Gerard Rouwhorst
- Raúl González Salinero
- Rita Lizzi Testa
- Peter J. Tomson
- Daniele Tripaldi